Fighting against gender-based and sexual violence: existing mechanisms

Fighting against gender-based and sexual violence: existing mechanisms

What does the law say? What are the sanctions?

extract from the booklet AGIR CONTRE LES VIOLENCES SEXISTES ET SEXUELLES AU TRAVAIL published by the Hubertine Auclert Center.

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In order to best accompany people who are victims of discrimination, harassment or any other violence, tools exist and are available to agents according to their supervision or that of the laboratory (IRAP, CNRS-DR14, UT3)


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– An Equality Correspondent: egalite[at]
– Director Philippe Louarn
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Access points The Occitania West delegation has prepared a guidance document (downloadable here) for victims of gender-based and sexual violence in our units for posting and dissemination within our units. This information is for everyone, regardless of their institution of affiliation
– the HRD department ( of the DR14
– or the preventive medicine (
– or the reporting referent: by email at the following generic address:
Handicap Intranet DR14 (page Disability)
Contact the social worker:

Université Paul Sabatier (UT3)

Access points University Social Responsibility
Gender Equality
Sexism A reporting form
Reporting Form – Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
Reporting Form – Discrimination
An email address to make a report:
Violence Existence of a hotline for SVP or any discrimination-related violence
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Civilties Transgender and Intersex Civility and First Name Referrer
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