Professional equality between men and women

As part of its action undertaken by the CNRS to promote professional equality, the Occitanie Ouest delegation is setting up a network of equality correspondents in its laboratories.

The IRAP has 3 equality correspondents: Sylvie Brau-Nogué, Rungployphan Kieokaew and Natalie Webb.

Their mission: to be a local interlocutor for each and every member of the laboratory on all equality issues. More information ….

Your contact: equality[at]

Against inequalities and violence at work … …

France-Victimes : a listening service for all

The CNRS and the France-Victimes association have signed an agreement that provides for listening and legal, psychological and social support for staff who feel they have been the victim of or witnessed the actions of a CNRS employee.

A dedicated e-mail address ( has been created to encourage written contact.

IRAP is commited to …

In order to best support people who are victims of discrimination, harassment or any other violence, resource persons are available to agents depending on their supervision or that of the laboratory (IRAP, CNRS-DR14, UT3, CNES).

See the page on listening and support facilities at IRAP, CNRS, UT3 and CNES ….

Parity at IRAP: some figures in 2022 …


#StillSearching: 1 in 2 female scientists revealed having been victim of sexual harassment at work

The L’Oréal foundation has published the results of their survey (#StillSearching : Mobility against the sexual and sexist violence in science) on the sexual and sexist violence in science. It’s an international study led by IPSOS for the L’Oréal foundation. 5200 scientists from 117 countries have participated. This report is published by the foundation in […]

Violence at work is not a personal or private problem…

Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and the World of Work… a look back at the 2015 VIRAGE campaign Sylvie Cromer was invited by the Equality Mission of the University of Grenoble Alpes (UGA) to present the results of VIRAGE, a statistical survey in the general population that collected, among other things, declarations of interpersonal violence suffered […]


The aim of this seminar on 7 February was to reflect, learn and exchange on the issues and impact of parenthood on the balance of life times and on careers. You can find some of the avenues for progress identified during this day in the summary available here