Professional equality between men and women

Equality Coffee Breaks

  • Wednesday 6th March – Work-life balance
  • Thursday 28th March – Countering stereotypes
  • Monday 6th May – Precarity
  • Tuesday 28th May – Dealing with stress
  • Friday 28th June – Conflict management

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As part of its action undertaken by the CNRS to promote professional equality, IRAP has 4 equality correspondents: Sylvie Brau-Nogué, Rémi Delpech, Geneviève Soucail et Natalie Webb.

Their mission: to be a local interlocutor for each and every member of the laboratory on all equality issues. More information ….

Against inequalities and violence at work …

France-Victimes : a listening service for all

The CNRS and the France-Victimes association have signed an agreement that provides for listening and legal, psychological and social support for staff who feel they have been the victim of or witnessed the actions of a CNRS employee.

A dedicated e-mail address ( has been created to encourage written contact.

Cellule signalements du CNRS

The task of this unit is to carry out administrative investigations to enable the CNRS to sanction proven cases of sexist harassment, discrimination, moral harassment, sexual harassment or violence. It can be contacted by any employee who considers himself or herself to be a victim or witness of acts committed by a CNRS employee.

Contact the Reporting Officer by e-mail at the following generic address :

IRAP is commited to …

In order to best support people who are victims of discrimination, harassment or any other violence, resource persons are available to agents depending on their supervision or that of the laboratory (IRAP, CNRS-DR14, UT3, CNES).

See the page on listening and support facilities at IRAP, CNRS, UT3 and CNES ….



Claudia Goldin (Prize in Economic Sciences 2023) uses the term “greedy work“(“travail cupide” in French) to describe a job that disproportionately rewards someone who works longer hours, for example, by accepting overtime, and over a longer period of time. The company will penalize people who are unwilling (or unable) to give their whole lives to […]

Letters of Recommendation : Best Practices

« Have you wondered if the letter you are READING- or the letters you are WRITING – are inadvertently perpetuating implicit biases that could reduce the likelihood of the candidate getting a fair chance at the new opportunity? » so begins the “Gender Bias Calculator: Letters of Recommendation” page published by the ADVANCE group (Advancing Women in […]

e-learning on gender inequalities in research

4 training modules open to all agents for: The training is available in French or English. You can : More information on the MPDF website

131 Years to Close the Gap

Gender Equality Is Stalling ! This is what can be discovered, among other things, by consulting the gender parity ranking compiled by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and presented in this News. The Global Gender Gap Report, now in its 17th edition, benchmarks the evolution of gender-based gaps in four areas: economic participation and opportunity; […]