PhD day 2019

The PhD Day is organized each year by the PhD students from IRAP. Each PhD student is invited to provide a poster and to explain their topic in few minutes.

The PhD day 2019 took place on June 5 in the Roche site.

The program can be downloaded here : prog_jdt.pdf 31,83 kB


Mehdi AMROUCHEAmrouche.pdf 0,9 MB
Adrien NÉRINéri.pdf 3,4 MB
Jean-Sébastien CARRIÈRECarrière.pdf 4,2 MB
Yohann CONSTANSConstans.pdf 5,4 MB
Simon REBEYROLRebeyrol.pdf 5,9 MB
Louise YUYu.pdf 11,8 MB
Baptiste KLEINKlein.pdf 3,7MB
Michaël LAVARRALavarra.pdf 3,4 MB