PhD day 2018

The PhD Day is organized each year by the PhD students from IRAP. Each PhD student is invited to provide a poster and to explain their topic in few minutes.


IRAP 2018 PhD Day took place on May 16 in conference rooms Coriolis and Lyot (Belin site), as well as in the cafeteria.

The programme can be downloaded here : Programme JdT IRAP 2018-6.pdf 85,55 kB


Simon REBEYROLRebeyrol.pdf 4,9 MB
Andréa GUERREROGuerrero.pdf 1,5 MB
Gabi WENZELWenzel.pdf 7,1 MB
Sacha FOSCHINOFoschino.pdf 3,6 MB
Damien GAGNIERGagnier.pdf 0,1 MB
Tianqi CANGCang.pdf 4,9 MB
Michaël LAVARRALavarra.pdf 0,7 MB
Adrien NERINeri.pdf 25,3 MB
Tiziana BASSIBassi.pdf 8,0 MB
Iris SANTIAGOSantiago.pdf 3,8 MB
Edoardo CUCCHETTICucchetti.pdf 9,5 MB
Abraham DIAZDiaz.pdf 12,2 MB


Tiziana BASSIBassi.pdf 7,4 MB
Edoardo CUCCHETTICucchetti.pdf 10,2 MB
Sid FADANELLIFadanelli.pdf 1,2 MB
Sacha FOSCHINOFoschino.pdf 0,6 MB
Damien GAGNIERGagnier.pdf 0,4 MB
Sujay MATEMate.pdf 3,6 MB
Kanthanakorn NOYSENA 1Noysena_1.pdf 1,1 MB
Kanthanakorn NOYSENA 2Noysena_2.pdf 1,1 MB
Mathias PÉAULTPeault.pdf 1,9 MB
Iris SANTIAGOSantiago.pdf 17,4 MB
Safir YAHIAYahia.pdf 5,5 MB