PhD subjects 2019

Molecular Fractionation, the link with Solar System Small Bodies

Student : EVANS Lucy Advisor : VASTEL Charlotte (IRAP) and FONTANI Francesco (INAF-Arcetri) Start : November 2019 Group : MICMAC Several observations have shown that among the most abundant elements in the Universe, three of them, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, present anomalous isotopic enrichments – i.e. abundances of the less abundant stable isotopes higher than […]

Sismologie expérimentale : Initiation et dynamique des ruptures sismiques sur des failles complexes

Student : GOUNON Alisson Advisor : LATOUR Soumaya (IRAP) and LETORT Jean (IRAP) Start : October 2019 Group : DIP Earthquakes are produced by sudden slip instabilities that occurs in seismic faults, that rapidly relax seismic stresses accumulated slowly during the long preceding inter-seismic phase. Rupture dynamics studies focus on understanding how does the slip […]

Using SVOM/ECLAIRs for the study of hard X-ray transients in the local universe

Student : ARCIER Benjamin Advisor : ATTEIA Jean-Luc (IRAP) Start : October 2019 Group : GAHEC

Massive-star forming regions and cosmic rays

Student : ASTIASARAIN Xan Advisor : TIBALDO Luigi (IRAP) and MARTIN Pierrick (IRAP) Start : October 2019 Group : GAHEC

Biosensors study for planetology applications

Student : FABRE Victor Advisor : LOUARN Philippe (IRAP) and TREVISIOL Emmanuelle (LAAS) Start : October 2019 Group : PEPS

Exploring new worlds with SPIRou

Student : FINOCIETY Benjamin Advisor : DONATI Jean-François(IRAP) Start : October 2019 Group : PS2E

High resolution X-ray spectroscopy with the Athena/X-IFU: microcalorimeters development and impact of the laboratory and ab-initio spectroscopy knowledge on astrophysical data analysis

Student : BEAUMONT Sophie Advisor : PAJOT François (IRAP) and BANDLER Simon (IRAP) Start : October 2019 Group : GAHEC

Study of the origin of the slow solar wind using data from NASA’s Parker Solar Probe mission

Student : FARGETTE Naïs Advisor : LAVRAUD Benoit (IRAP) et ROUILLARD Alexis (IRAP) Start : October 2019 Group : PEPS

Machine Learning applied to solar wind-planetary atmospheres interactions

Student : LENOUVEL Quentin Advisor : GENOT Vincent (IRAP) and GARNIER Philippe (IRAP) Start : October 2019 Group : PEPS

Evolution of galaxy over the last 10 Gyrs with MUSE/VLT

Student : MERCIER Wilfried Advisor : CONTINI Thierry (IRAP) et EPINAT Benoît (LAM) Start : October 2019 Group : GAHEC

Theoretical and Experimental Quantum Devices to measure Gravitational Effects

Student : SHOJAEI ARANI Fateme Advisor : BLANCHARD Alain (IRAP) and HAROUNI Malek Bagheri (Isfahan University) Start : October 2019 Group : GAHEC

Searching out and understanding intermediate mass black holes

Student : TRANIN Hugo Advisor : WEBB Natalie (IRAP) Start : October 2019 Group : GAHEC