PhD subjects 2020

Characterizing the emission of galactic polarized foregrounds for the measurement of the primordial gravitational waves fingerprint on the cosmic microwave background

Student : VACHER Léo Advisor : AUMONT Jonathan (IRAP) and MONTIER Ludovic (IRAP) Start : Octobre 2020 Group : MICMAC

Simulating the performance of CAGIRE camera for follow-up of SVOM

Student : NOUVEL DE LA FLÈCHE Alix Advisor : ATTEIA Jean-Luc (IRAP), GRAVRAND Olivier (CEA-LETI) Start : Octobre 2020 Group : GAHEC La mission d’astronomie spatiale SVOM a pour objectif principal l’observation du ciel transitoire aux hautes énergies et dans le domaine visible/NIR. Sa combinaison unique d’instruments embarqués et au sol, instruments qui sont sensibles […]

Search for habitable worlds with SPIRou: tackling stellar activity

Student : BELLOTTI Stefano Advisor : PETIT Pascal (IRAP), MORIN Julien (LUPM) and HUSSAIN Gaitee (ESA) Start : April 2020 Group : PS2E The quest to find and characterise a habitable Earth-like planet has been the main scientific driver of exoplanetary sciences since the first discovery in 1995. Several space missions have been designed for […]

Planetary systems around low mass stars with SPIRou

Student : OULD-ELHKIM Merwan Advisor : MOUTOU Claire (IRAP) et DONATI Jean-François (IRAP) Start : October 2020 Group : PS2E

Study of the scientific and instrumental performances of ATHENA’s X-ray Integral Field Unit

Student : CASTELLANI Florent Advisor : PAJOT François (IRAP) and POINTECOUTEAU Etienne (IRAP) Start : Octobre 2020 Group : GAHEC Context: In the frame of the Cosmic Vision program, the European Space Agency (ESA) has selected the Advanced Telescope for High Energy Astrophysics (Athena), a large X-ray observatory, as its second large mission, scheduled for […]

Development of a detection chain for a low energy threshold particle detector for the study of Neptune and Uranus plasma environments

Student : BERTHOME Erwan Advisor : LOUARN Philippe (IRAP) and DEVOTO Pierre (IRAP) Start : October 2019 Group : PEPS

Modelling the intensity spectrum of fast rotating stars

Student : LAZZAROTTO Axel Advisor : RIEUTORD Michel (IRAP) and HUI-BON-HOA Alain (ULM – HBH) Start : Octobre 2020 Group : PS2E

Development of new Magnetic Indices for improving Space Weather forecasts with Artificial Intelligence

Student : HABERLE Veronika Advisor : MARCHAUDON Aurélie (IRAP), CHAMBODUT Aude (EOST) Start : October 2020 Group : PEPS