PhD subjects 2021

Characterization and reformulation for lunar regolith-based additive manufacturing

Student : GRANIER Julien Advisor : CUTARD Thierry (ICA Albi) and PINET Patrick (IRAP) Supervisors : LE MAOULT Yannick (ICA Albi) and CHEVREL Serge (IRAP) Start : November 2021 Group : PEPS The objective of the thesis is the development of an additive manufacturing process by powder bed fusion for the making of technical objects […]

Interactions between solid and fluid envelopes during the juvenile stages of Mars deduced from the results of the MSL and Mars 2020 missions -confrontations of observational data and experimental approach

Student : LOCHE Matteo Advisor : COUSIN Agnès and FABRE Sébastien Start : October 2021 Group : PEPS The objective of the proposed thesis is to study {identify, characterize, interpret) the secondary phases resulting from the alteration of the minerals constituting the Martian crust, which will be detected in the rocks and sediments of the […]

Energy conversion mechanisms in space plasmas

Student : DAHANI Souhail Advisor : GÉNOT Vincent and LAVRAUD Benoit Start : October 2021 Group : PEPS The conversion of energy in space plasmas has major consequences visible in the first place at large spatial scales, with for example energy transfers through planetary shocks (conversion of kinetic energy into thermal and magnetic energies) or […]

Role of coronal shock waves in the acceleration of solar energetic particles

Student : JARRY Manon Advisor : ROUILLARD Alexis and PLOTNIKOV Illya Start : September 2021 Group : PEPS Flares are common in the solar corona, ranging from one per week during solar minimum to several per day during solar maximum. These flares are associated with large plasma ejections and can produce very energetic particles in […]

Characterizing the physico-chemical evolution of solar-type protostars with isotopic fractionation

Student : ANDREU Audrey Advisor : COUTENS Audrey (IRAP) and VASTEL Charlotte (IRAP) Start : September 2020 Group : MICMAC Stars form in the shielded interiors of molecular clouds. From the formation of dense and cold cores up to the formation of protoplanetary disks, significant physical changes occur, which affects the chemistry and consequently the […]