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EUCLID is an ESA space mission that was set up with the main purpose of understanding the accelerated expansion of the Universe. It will use two specific probes to investigate the nature of dark energy, dark matter and fundamental physics, using observational signatures capable of tracing the geometry of the Universe and the formation of structures: on the one hand, gravitational lens effect measurements (with a photometric and morphological survey of galaxies), and on the other hand, the spatial distribution of galaxies (with a galaxy spectroscopic survey). The mission also has an important aspect of "Legacy" for the extragalactic/cosmological community (PNCG), allowing the formation and evolution of galaxies and large structures in the universe to be studied. This is a massive "survey" type mission in imaging and spectroscopy.

The mission of the European satellite EUCLID is to map a whole section of the Universe in order to understand why the expansion of the Universe is accelerating; 10 French research laboratories are participating, including IRAP. IRAP is a stakeholder in the Scientific Ground Segment of the EUCLID mission (https://euclid.cnes.fr/), particularly on the activities of FP-SHE, PF-MER, PF-SPE, PF-SIR, PF-PHZ, PF-LE3. Among the activities related to the "SDC - FRANCE ACTIVITIES" sector is the system administration of the CODEEN platform. IRAP is also involved in the (SWG and IST) scientific groups.
As part of its support for the EUCLID mission, IRAP has positioned itself as a pilot for the summer schools "THE SCIENCE OF THE FUTURE GREAT COSMOLOGICAL RECOVERIES" which are organised each year for the EUCLID project. The management of activities at IRAP is under the scientific responsibility of A. Blanchard with the support of a local project manager (S. Brau-Nogué) in charge of the proper conduct of project monitoring tasks at IRAP.

Objective: Characterization of the nature of dark energy - Scientific Ground Segment (SGS)

Technical involvement

The technical skills required for this project are devoted to project management, to the development of high-level scientific software, and the contribution of expertise (S. Brau-Nogué) in Agile project management and collaborative platforms.
As a local project manager, S. Brau-Nogué also works as a local Quality Engineer. S. Brau-Nogué is also a member of the "SGS-FR-QUALITY" working group. T. Grégoire, CDD on CNES IR contract from October 2017, is the software engineer to support the activities of PFLE3 and PH-SIR ; he is in charge of carrying on the EUCLID Pipeline the scientific codes proposed by IRAP researchers.
S. Brau-Nogué is also a member of the "Applicative Admin Team" of the CODEEN sub-project (as COLLABORATIVE DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT) initiated by the SGS-France System Team under the Best Effort principle.
Finally, for the EPO "THE SCIENCE OF THE FUTURE GREAT COSMOLOGICAL REVIEWS", A. Blanchard is the director of the school and a member of the Scientific Committee, Brahim Lamine and Arnaud Dupays are members of the Organizing Committee; E. Bourrec (IT) and C. Gaiti (Administration) contributes as 0.1 FTE for the organization of this annual recurrent school.

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