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IRAP has been evaluated by the HCERES during the visit of the Committee held on 26, 27 and 28 November 2014. The scientific report and the draft reviewed can be found in the following folder:


Following this document, research at IRAP is structured around six research groups :


Several inter-thematic axis are furthermore developed :

  • Plasmas Astrophysiques
    • Heads : Elisabeth Jourdain and Pierre-Louis Blelly
  • Formation et évolution des systèmes planétaires
    • Heads : Clément Baruteau, Olivier Berné and Ghylaine Quitté 
  • Météorologie et climatologie de l'espace
    • Head : Alexis Rouillard
  • Imagérie hyperspectrale, spectroscopie 3D
    • Head: Hervé Carfantan
  • La mission ATHENA et son "X-ray integral field unit"
    • Head : Olivier Godet

Six workmanship groups support the research activities :

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