Trades groups

IRAP engineers and technicians bring together according to their profession in groups led by one or more people.

This organization takes the form of exchanges of information, knowledge and expertise within each group. OMP colleagues are part of the groups, in view of the geographical proximity, skills and strong links that exist within the project teams.

There are 6 trades groups, described below.

Organigramme Groupes Métiers

Management – Administration – Communication – Logistics (GACL)

Leader : Josette Garcia
Deputies : Jean-François Botte, Joëlle Jammes

Project Management and Quality Assurance (GPAQ)

Leader : Qiu Mei Lee


Leader : Yann Parot
Deputies : Bernard Bertrand, Thierry Ravel


Leader :  Jean-Michel Glorian
Bureau de coordination de 8 membres


Leader :  Baptiste Mot
Deputies : Yves Daydou, Karine Lacombe, Marie Larrieu


Leader : Carine Amoros
Deputy : Gilles Roudil