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Milieu Interstellaire, Cycle de la Matière, Astro-Chimie

Head : Karine Demyk - Deputy : Isabelle Ristorcelli


The life cycle of interstellar matter plays an important role in the evolution of astronomical objects, from the small scales of stars and planetary systems right up to the large scales of galaxies. This matter is tightly coupled with photons, the magnetic field and cosmic rays. In order to study it, we need to understand the nature of its constituents, their physical and chemical evolution, the dynamics of the surrounding medium and how they are all coupled. This domain will undergo significant advances in the coming years thanks to acces to the sub-mm wavelength range provided by the two spatial missions Herschel/ Planck, as well as improved angular resolution and sensitiviy in the IR to the mm range of astronomical instruments: JWST, ALMA and in the future, SPICA.

Below we describe the activities of our group "Milieu Interstellaire, Cycle de la Matière, Astro-Chimie" (MICMAC) as well as the people involved.

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