Ci-après figurent diverses vidéos relatives à la mission Athena à laquelle les personnels de l’IRAP contribuent :


Février 2018 : Athena and the Square Kilometer Array joining forces to detect the most rarefied gaz in the Universe

A thin slice through a cubic 100 Mpc volume simulated with the ENZO code (Bryan+2014) including magnetic fields, at a fixed resolution of 41.6 kpc everywhere (2400^3 cells). The blue/yellow colors trace magnetic field intensity while the red colors trace gas temperature from z=45 to z=0. The simulation ran for 1.5 million hours on 2400 processors of Piz-Daint ( For more details see… Although the resolution is not enough to properly resolve dynamo amplification of magnetic fields in clusters from a 0.1nG seed field, the animation gives a clear idea of the different tendencies in evolution of magnetic fields across cosmic environment. Voir la vidéo …



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