The radio-active decay of 26Al as revealed by INTEGRAL/SPI

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The 1.809 MeV line emission associated with the radio-active of 26Al is one of the most intense gamma-ray lines observed in our Galaxy. Fifteen years after the first results obtained by the COMPTEL instrument, the SPI spectrometer aboard the INTEGRAL mission offers a unique opportunity to get more information about its spatial morphology and the nucleosynthesis process at work (see POM July 2003). Thanks to a specifically developed imaging analysis, the main features previously seen with COMPTEL are confirmed: the emission is essentially confined in the inner Galaxy, with possibly a few low-intensity extended structures. In addition, several excesses are seen, suggesting that some of the line-emitting sites are linked to the Galactic spiral arm structure.

The image presented below is based on 10 years of INTEGRAL/SPI observations and built with a spatial resolution of 6 degrees. The superimposed contours correspond to a higher spatial resolution (3 degrees).

The image presented above is based on 10 years of observation with SPI/INTEGRAL and was constructed by imposing a spatial resolution of 6°. The superimposed contours correspond to the same image constructed with a spatial resolution of 3°.

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