The integration of MUSE started at Paranal

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The MUSE (Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer) instrument is being integrated at the Very Large Telescope site in Chile. A team of IRAP engineers (Michel Dupieux, Marie Larrieu, and Laurent Pares) is currently on site to install and test the instrument’s input optics.

MUSE is a new-generation 3D spectrograph whose very high sensitivity will make it possible to observe the distant universe and thus answer fundamental questions about the early phases of galaxy formation and evolution.

This project, piloted by CRAL (Lyon Astrophysics Research Centre), is carried out by an international consortium of 7 laboratories. It has mobilized a large part of IRAP’s technical forces in different fields (optics, mechanics, electronics, computer science) over the last ten years. Scientists are waiting with bated breath for the first light, scheduled for February 2014.

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