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Perspectives on the Cosmic Acceleration

Séminaire le 30 mai 2017 à 14h30

Intervenant : Ujjaini Alam

Institut Indien de Recherche en Statistiques

Salle Gervais de Lafond Salle Gervais de Lafond

Cosmic acceleration is one of the most tantalizing mysteries in current cosmological research. A host of observations confirm that the expansion of the universe is currently accelerating, in turn leading to postulations that about two-thirds of the energy content of the universe comprises of a negative-pressure ``dark energy''. In this talk, we will explore two distinct facets of dark energy research-- the theoretical and the observational. Many different theoretical models have been suggested for to explain cosmic acceleration. We shall examine these models, and the constraints on them in light of current observations. A second approach to the dark energy problem is to study the various observations available to us with different statistical tools, and optimize these methods for obtaining maximum information on the dark energy parameters. Using these two complementary approaches in conjunction, we expect to shed light on the nature of cosmic acceleration.

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