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Colloques et workshops du groupe

Toulouse FPI Team Meeting, 6 – 8 June 2018, IRAP, Toulouse


SOC:Yoann Vernisse, Issaad Kacem, Sid Fadanelli, and Benoit Lavraud

The first part of the workshop is dedicated to presentations of the mission and instrument status. The next topics covered will be analysis tools and techniques, tutorials, and updates on satellite conjunctions. Then all participants have a science talk.

30-minute slots are given as baseline (merely indicative), as this is a workshop style meeting. Please plan on a 20 min talk to allow for many questions, including during the talk…!

Discussion sessions around specific topics (EDR/IDR, KHI, Ohm’s law, etc.) will be organized in parallel with two splinter rooms on Friday,  as needed.

A team dinner is scheduled for Thursday evening (8 PM, see agenda for details).


Toulouse Magnetic Reconnection Workshop, 9-12 May 2017, IRAP, Toulouse


SOC: Vincent Génot, Christian Jacquey and Benoit Lavraud

All invited participants have a 30 min talk allocation. Please plan on a 20 min talk to allow for a lot of questions, including during the talk…!

Discussion sessions of 1-1h30m are organized each day in 3 parallel splinter rooms. These sessions provide an opportunity to present ideas/preliminary results via 2-3 slides maximum (5 minutes) per person per discussion session, in a less formal setup.

Wednesday afternoon is left free for people to visit Toulouse, and a Workshop dinner is scheduled for Wednesday evening.

The meeting will address four main topics:
Topic 1: Particle dynamics near X-line
Topic 2: Cold ions
Topic 3: FTEs
Topic 4: KH and magnetosheath current sheets


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