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Artist's impression of JUICE - Copyright: ESA/AOES

La mission JUICE, quand l'Europe part explorer Jupiter et ses lunes glacées - UPS InSpace

Conférence de Carole Larigauderie (CNES) et Nicolas André (IRAP), 22 octobre 2019. Voir la vidéo ...

Juice’s Jovian odyssey - ESA

Juice, ESA’s Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer, is set to embark on a seven-year cruise to Jupiter starting May 2022. The mission will investigate the emergence of habitable worlds around gas giants and the Jupiter system as an archetype for the numerous giant planets now known to orbit other stars. This animation depicts the journey to Jupiter and the highlights from its foreseen tour of the giant planet and its large ocean-bearing moons. Voir la vidéo ...

JUICE - Exploring Jupiter’s icy Moons

In May 2022, the Airbus Defence and Space-built spacecraft JUICE (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer) will head for Jupiter. Its main mission will be to explore the huge planet’s three largest icy moons in the hope of determining whether life is possible on these dwarf planets. What if extra-terrestrial life does exist? For centuries, this question – which both fascinates and frightens mankind – has remained unanswered. But by the year 2030, some answers may well have been found. As its name implies (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer), the mission will be to explore the Jovian system, focussing on three of Jupiter’s huge Galilean moons: Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, which are as large as dwarf planets and covered by an icy crust. Voir la vidéo ...

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