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Ci-après figurent quelques vidéos relatives à l'expérience NanoCosmos menée par des chercheurs de l'IRAP :


Décembre 2017 : "Nanocosmos Team & Lorenzo Palloni present "ESTRELLA"" - ERCcOMICS

NANOCOSMOS is an ERC project that investigates the processes involved in the formation and evolution of cosmic dust, heretofore unknown: several teams from ICMM-CSIC in Madrid, Spain and the IRAP-CNRS in Toulouse, France are taking advantage of the new observational capabilities of the ALMA observatory in order to reveal the physical and chemical conditions in the dust formation zone of evolved stars. In conjunction with groundbreaking ultra-high vacuum experiments and astrophysical modeling, these observations are providing a cutting-edge view of cosmic dust. Voir la vidéo ...

Novembre 2017 : "NANOCOSMOS_ERC, Gas and dust from the Stars to the Laboratory"

The Nanocosmos project, funded by an European Research Council Synergy grant, will study the environments around evolved stars with several laboratory experiments. Among them, the Stardust Machine will reproduce how dust grains born and evolve when ejected from the dying star, trying to disentangle the beginnings of those molecules and, therefore, our own chemical origins. Voir la vidéo ...

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