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3D magnetic detection with atomic alignment

Séminaire le 07 Nov 2019 de 11h00 à 12h00
Salle de conférence Salle de conférence
Huirong Yan

Universität Potsdam & DESY

It was predicted more than a decade ago that the spectropolarimetry arising from ground state alignment (GSA) traces 3D magnetic field in diffuse medium. Nonetheless, observationally it remained unexplored territory until recently. Here I will review briefly the theory before reporting our first detection of GSA in ISM. The comparison between different absorption line polarimetry confirms the prediction from the GSA theory. 3D magnetic tomography is revealed. In addition, the magnetic strength is constrained to be around 100muG, and thus improving the accuracy by 5 orders of magnitude compared to earlier. The applicability of GSA in various environments will be exhibited.

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