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Planètes, Environnements et Plasmas Spatiaux

Head : Benoit Lavraud - Deputies : Aurélie Marchaudon, Olivier Forni

The scientific focus of the group "Planètes, Environnements et Plasmas Spatiaux" (PEPS) is to better understand the formation and evolution of the heliosphere and its planets, through the study of diverse objects of the solar system (planets, moons, asteroids, solar corona and wind, etc.) and the interactions between these objects. One specificity of our group is to combine theoretical and numarical approaches with participations in large international space-based exploration projects, with a substantial instrumental background.


The group's activities can be summarized in terms of five main research areas that focus on processes that take place from the surfaces of planets all the way to the Sun. The understanding of all involved processes is crucial to obtain an integrated view of the bodies at hand and their interactions. Studying different objects with different specificities is key to a better understanding of the diversity and history of the solar system.

Our scientific skills combine observations and simulations, with renown skills in the conception and provision of space instrumentation, as well as laboratory experiments. The data thus obtained is used for the development of models and simulations in various areas such as thermodynamics, radiation-matter interactions, plasma physics and fluid dynamics.

Members of the PEPS group are also involved in transferring their scientific knowledge to the socio-economical world, through both the development of services and tools for the community and direct collaboration with industrial partners.

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