GAHEC Seminars

GAHEC Seminars are approximately every two weeks on Fridays from 11am - 12pm.


The GAHEC Seminars are an opportunity to:

  • Present recent work
  • Discuss an article (Journal Club)
  • Hear how our PhD student's projects are progressing (Comité de Thèse)
  • Invite a visitor to present their work

Please contact Nicolas Bouché and Hayley Finley to schedule a GAHEC seminar.

The GAHEC seminar is scheduled to last one hour in total. Please plan for a presentation of roughly 45 minutes in order to leave time for questions and discussion at the end without running over time. The seminar audience is a diverse group covering topics from galaxies to compact objects to cosmology. There will also be students, including from the masters level. It is therefore very important to give a solid introduction to set the context for a general audience of astronomers.

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