MUSE (Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer) is an unusual spectrograph which equips the ESO VLT since the beginning of the year 2014. IRAP has contributed to the construction of the instrument and is now involved in the management of the data acquired by the instrument.

Objective: Observing distant and young galaxies to better understand how ours was formed.

The IRAP scientific and technical staff took part in the construction of the instrument (MUSE) and now handle the data management (MUSE-DataBase):


Construction and testing of the optical input module of the integral field spectrograph for one of the VLT telescopes of ESO whose first light is scheduled for 2013, and implementation of the control and monitoring softwares of the MUSE instrument.

Research Group : GAHEC

  • Scientific Responsible :Th. Contini
  • Technical Manager : L. Pares
    • Other IRAP employees involved : M. Larrieu, M. Dupieux, H. Valentin, P. Couderc, N. Girard
  • Download the project presentation :

MUSE DataBase

Within the MUSE consortium, IRAP is involved in the implementation of the data management leading to the data reduction and dissemination, following the Astrowise (MUSEWise) concept which allows complete traceability of the different stages.

Technical involvement :

Within the framework of this project, IRAP is responsible for the development of tools designed to control the quality of data processing and validation of the data produced. It will also develop one of the two or three data centers of the consortium which will be responsible for the data reduction of the guaranteed time and the distribution of final products. This work is under the responsibility of scientists involved in the MUSE consortium. Most of the technical implementation and of the server management are made by the technical team and the Computer Service.

Research Group : GAHEC

  • Scientific Responsibles : G. Soucail, N. Bouché
  • Technical Manager : P. Maeght
    • Other IRAP employees involved : M. Larrieu, M. Lafon, Th. Louge, A. Coutenoir
  • Download the project presentation :

Objectives and Planning :

Prototyping planned for late 2011, setting up in 2012, for a start in 2013. The data arrives in early 2014.

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