ExoMars is a mission of the ESA's optional program which aims at depositing a rover on Mars in 2021 (launch in 2020). The main scientific objective is to study the composition of the surface, with an emphasis on carbon compounds related to organic chemistry. IRAP participates in the Raman spectroscopy instrument (EPIRB: Raman Laser Spectrometer) by developing the Instrument Control & Excitation Unit (ICEU), with the status of Co-PI.

Objective :Studying the surface composition of Mars

Research Group : PEPS

  • Scientific Responsible : S. Maurice
  • Technical Manager : Y. Parot

Technical involvement

IRAP is responsible for the complete integration of an electronic module (ICEU) including:

  • Encapsulation (integration of other modules)
  • Converters (IRAP supply - STEEL services)
  • FPGA card (RAL supply - England)
  • Front end electronics board (RAL supply - England)
  • Laser with redundancy (INTA/Monocrom supply - Spain)
  • Thermal control

Follow-up of functional and environmental tests. IRAP also takes care of the planetary protection of the ICEU box.

Objectives and Planning :

  • First half of 2018: integration and testing of the FM model (in progress).
  • March - End of 2018 TBC: FS manufacturing and finalization of tests and delivery of the complete integrated instrument

Ressources complémentaires :

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