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Development of instrumental projects :

An important part of the IRAP activity is devoted to the proposal and the development of instrumental ground and space projects. These projects take part in ground missions managed by international agencies like the ESO and the CFHT. Other projects are part of missions managed by French (CNES), european (ESA), american (NASA), japanese (JAXA), chinese and indian space agencies. In each case, the ESO and the CNES (hardware), the CNRS and the UPS (salaries) finance the instrumental developments.


The projects are mainly managed by the national or international organizations quoted above, in collaboration with other French or foreigner research institutes. These instrumental developments are within the scope of a well-defined planning. However, the unknown risks force the employees to be available and flexible. They led to a project-based organization.

The list of Projects and Observation Services to which the IRAP employees contribute is available on download hereafter :

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