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The INSU  observation services are organized as detailed in the  reference document. The updated list (january 2013) of the INSU/AA reference services is available at

IRAP is involved in numerous INSU Observation Services (SO) in the fields of  Astronomy-Astrophysics (AA) and  Earth Sciences (TI). In order to use at best the methodological characteristics and the workmanship synergies, IRAP choosed to organize its contributions to the national observation services around four large fields :

  1. Seismology : TI-SO2
  2. Data process and filing : AA-SO4/SO5/SO6
  3. Ground instrumentation : AA-SO2/SO3
  4. Space instrumentation : AA-SO2/SO6

The inventory, the changes and the IRAP strategy in each of these areas are detailed within the rubric  Observation Services.

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