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The Management Team (the director, the deputy directors, the technical director and the administrative and financial director) meets every 15 days on Monday mornings from 10.00 am to 12.30 pm in the Headmaster's office. The responsible for human resources and the computer department manager also take part in the meeting.

The Management Committee (management team, heads and assistants of research groups, management advisers) meets every 15 days on Monday mornings from 10.00 am to 12.30 pm, in a room of the Roche or Belin site.

The Laboratory Board is the IRAP administrative statutory authority. Its role is consultative. It puts forward its opinion about the IRAP scientific policy, funds management, organization and functioning. Within this context, it creates and runs several committees : "Life of the laboratory", "Computer Science", "Web and Com", "units", "elections", "hygiene and safety", "adult continuing education". The Laboratory Board is made up with 5 elected representatives among whom 5 permanent ITAs (Ingenior, Technician, Administrative staff), 5 permanent researchers and teachers-researchers, 1 PhD student, 1 postdoctoral research fellow or temporary employee, 5 people appointed by the Director (at least 2 ITAs and 2 researchers/teachers-researchers), the Director, the technical Director, and the secretary-general. The assistant Directors are permanent guests, and the heads of research groups are invited according to the agenda. The Laboratory Board is chaired by the Director and his assistant Director is an ITA choosen by the Director.

The Scientific and Technique Committee is responsible for the IRAP scientific strategy. Its role is consultative. It discusses, deliberates and puts forward recommendations about every IRAP short, medium or long term scientific strategy related question : projects involvement, Ph.D topics, IRAP scientific initiative or action. The Scientific and Technique Committee is made up with the Director, the Technical Director, the three assistant Directors, 6 elected representatives and 4 members of the permanent IRAP employees (5 researchers/lecturers, 5 ITs), as well as the heads of research groups

The Projects and Services Committee is responsible for the running and the ITA job prospection at the IRAP. Its role is consultative. It is made up with the Director, the technical Director, the Administrative and Financial Director, an assistant Director, the heads of Wormanship Groups and the Head of the Human Resources Department. The Projects and Services Committee is headed by the Technical Director and co-chaired by the Administrative and Financial Director. He meets the projects and services managers when a discussion about the ITAs work load schedule is needed.

Rules of the laboratory : 

Decree creating the Council of Laboratory :

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