The Research Institute in Astrophysics and Planetology (IRAP) opened on the 1st January 2011.

IRAP is a new Mixed Research Unity (UMR 5277) of the  CNRS and the  University Paul Sabatier  ( PRES University of Toulouse) which results from the gathering of the old laboratories  LATT, CESR, from part of the DTP and from a few researchers and teachers-researchers of the LMTG (about 300 people in total).

The scientific objectives of the IRAP are the study and the understanding of the Universe and its content : the Earth as a planet, its ionized environment, the sun and its planets, the stars and their planetary systems, the galaxies, the very first stars and the primeval Big Bang.

With technical employees specialized in the field of conception, construction, integration and operation of ground and space instruments and laboratory experiments leading to characterise physical process, this new UMR of the  UPS backing on to the CNES is one of the main poles of the ground-space astrophysics in France.

The management team currently comprises:

  • a director : Philippe Louarn,
  • three deputy directors : Emmanuel Caux, François Lignières and Patrick Pinet,
  • a technical director : Laurence Lavergne,
  • an administrative and financial director : Nicole Le Gal
Photo de groupe des personnels de l'IRAP réalisée lors des premières journées scientifiques en octobre 2010 dans le "grand carré" du Museum de Toulouse

The IRAP employees gathered at the Museum of Toulouse

on the occasion of the very first IRAP scientific days on the 19th october 2010.

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