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(Teacher-)Researcher Competition

There are three ways of recruiting (Teachers)-Researchers at the IRAP laboratory : CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), UPS (University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse) and the CNAP (National Council of Astronomers and Physicists)

  • cnrs
    CNRS researchers are recruited by competitive examination

Each year the CNRS organizes a recruiting campaign. The information and application procedures are detailed at the following address:

  • CNAP researchers are recruited by competitive examination

The CNAP is composed of three sections including Astronomy and Internal Earth. The terms of competition at the CNAP in the one and the other sections are available at the following urls:  Astronomy Section - Internal Earth Section. The list of the Observational Services is available here.

In 2019, 2 posts are open to the Astronomers competition and 4 Assistant Astronomers posts may be vacant. 1 physicist position is open in the Internal Earth section. Applications must be submitted digitally via the Galaxie-Canopus portal  :

  • UT3
    The teacher-researchers are recruited by the University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse

The teachers-researchers are linked with a research laboratory for the "research" part of their job.

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