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Welcome to the IRAP PhD student's page. This page contains information about the students doing a PhD in our laboratory.

The following link gives you information on each student and their topic : PhD student Introduction

Please contact Simon REBEYROL for more details.

Former PhD students list could be seen here.

Latest news

PhD day

The IRAP PhD day will be on Wednesday 5th June 2019 at IRAP Roche. We are looking forward to seeing you!

The planning is available here.

Posters and presentations for previous editions are available here.

Upcoming PhD thesis defenses

Open to the public.

Name Group Dissertation Title Date and Time Location
Mégane BOUDINEAU SISU Résolution de problèmes inverses parcimonieux en sciences de l'Univers 1st Feb at 1:30 pm Conference room (Roche site)

Complete PhD thesis defenses

Congratulations to our new Doctors!

Name Group Dissertation Title
Logithan KULENTHIRARAJAH PS2E Modélisation d'hôtes d'exoplanètes : caractérisation des spectres dans le visible et l'infrarouge proche pour les étoiles de faible masse pré-séquence principale et séquence principale dans le cadre la mission SPIRou
Mégane BOUDINEAU SISU Résolution de problèmes inverses parcimonieux en sciences de l'Univers
Emmy VENTOU GAHEC What REgulates the growth of GALaxies? A comprehensive study of the building processes of galaxies over 10 Gyr within the REGAL project
Margaux HOANG PEPS Étude de la coma de la comète 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko à l’aide des données de l’instrument ROSINA/RTOF à bord de la mission spatiale Rosetta
Issaad KACEM PEPS Analysis and interpretation of the first high resolution observations of magnetic reconnection obtained in situ by MMS mission
Armelle BAJAT GAHEC Simulations and performance optimization of the instrument ECLAIRs for the Franco-Chinese Mission SVOM
Isaac TUTUSAUS LLEIXA GAHEC Study of the dark components of the Universe with the Euclid mission
Sarah RODRIGUEZ MICMAC Study on the dissociation of astro-PAHs

What is a PhD student?

If you are finishing your second year of Master and are interested in doing a PhD, this page is for you! Here you will find information about PhD research, the environment, and more ... ( read more)


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