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Welcome to the IRAP PhD student's page. This page contains information about the students doing a PhD in our laboratory.

The following link gives you information on each student and their topic : PhD student Introduction

Please contact them directly for more details.

Former PhD sutdents list could be seen here.

Latest news

/!\ PhD Day /!\


21 June 2017
Conference room, Hall, Gervais de Lafond room
IRAP Roche
Ph.D. students presenting their work (my Ph.D. in 180s, short presentations,
academic sessions), posters, mini-games, rewards (best poster, best
presentation), buffet and much more!!

We hope to see you there!


Programme.pdf 24.39 kB
09h00 Welcome buffet
09h30 Opening speech (P. Louarn, G. Soucail)
10h00 Session 1
  Armelle Bajat (10' + 3')
Isaac Tutusaus (10' + 3')
Interlude: Emmy Ventou (5')
Emmy Ventou (10' + 3')
Étienne Foucault (10' + 3')
11h00 Coffee break / poster session
11h30 Session 2
  Logithan Kulenthirarajah (10' + 3')
Benjamin Evano (8' + 2')
Interlude: Abraham Diaz (5')
Abraham Diaz (8' + 2')
Andrea Guerrero (8' + 2')
12h20 Lunch / poster session
13h45 Musical interlude: Annick Cathala, Kevin Gillet
14h00 Session 3
  Rémi Bérard (180s)
Edoardo Cucchetti (180s)
Louise Yu (180s)
Damien Gagnier (8' + 2')
Ziad Sakr (8' + 2')
Interlude: Gabriel Foënard (5')
Mégane Boudineau, Ibrahim Ardi (10' + 3')
Annick Cathala (10' + 3')
15h10 Coffee break / poster session
15h50 Session 4
  Mickaël Carlos (10' + 3')
Iris Santiago (10' + 3')
Delong Liu (8' + 2')
Interlude: Louise Yu (5')
Mathias Péault (8' + 2')
Adrien Néri (8' + 2')
Geoffroy de la Vieuville (8' + 2')
17h00 Closing speech (P. Louarn)
17h30 Afterwork / barbecue for the Ph.D. students

Upcoming PhD thesis defenses

Name Group Dissertation Title Date and Time Location

Complete PhD thesis defenses

Name Group Dissertation Title Date and Time Location
Mathieu GAURAT PS2E Stability of the magnetic configurations in the intermediate-mass stars 8 Nov 2016 at 2pm CESBIO conference room (Roche)
Nicolas TERCE PEPS Propriétés élastiques des olivines riches en fer 10 Nov 2016 at 2pm Coriolis (Belin)
William RAPIN MICMAC Hydratation de la surface par les données de la mission MSL 23 Nov 2016 Conference room (Roche)
Damien TURPIN GAHEC Study of the high-energy transient objects in the Universe using multi-wavelength and multi-messenger observations 7 Dec 2016 at 3pm Conference room (Roche)
Alexandre SAUVÉ MICMAC Caracterisation and propagation of instrumental systematics of Planck-HFI polarised data and study of CMB non-gaussianity 9 Dec 2016 at 10:30am Conference room (Roche)
David BINA GAHEC Spectroscopic redshift survey in OCEVU : galaxy assembly within the firs billion years 12 Dec 2016 at 2pm Coriolis (Belin)
Ilane SCHROETTER GAHEC La formation et l'évolution des galaxies grâce à la spectrographie 3D: le rôle des vents 05 Jan 2017 at 1pm Coriolis (Belin)

What is a PhD student?

If you are finishing your second year of Master and are interested in doing a PhD, this page is for you! Here you will find information about PhD research, the environment, and more ... ( read more)


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